Good on Disney+ AND Netflix: Christopher Robin

Plot Summary:
As an overworked adult, Christopher Robin is uncharacteristically unhappy and lost. Fortunately for him, he has an old friend named Pooh Bear to help him find his way back.
Why It Makes My List:
With a great deal of respect for the original source material and previous animated treatments, Disney takes a worthwhile crack at this beloved world from a new perspective - adulthood. Therein lies the key to its goodness: showing us how to remember, perceive and appreciate childhood love and joy despite the pressures of adult life (in Christopher Robin), high parental expectations as a child (his daughter), or wishing for more time with your family (as shown by his wife).

Reasons to Watch:
  1. Gentle, Delightful Humor: Pooh Bear takes the cake when it comes to the humor in this film but Christopher Robin also has plenty of quirky, wholesome moments. Two of my favorites were Pooh playing "see and say" on the train (which becomes a running joke) and frequently announcing that there was "a rumbly in my tumbly." 
  2. Promotes Family as the Most Important & Essential: One of Christopher Robin's struggles for the first part of the movie is not putting family first. Like many who love their families, the thought of providing financially may seem like the most important goal but his wise and patient wife, played by Hayley Atwell, coupled with a silly old bear help him to get his priorities straight.
  3. Addresses the challenge of not losing yourself/childlike qualities as you age: Pooh makes several one-liners throughout the film that come off as simple or childish but, when rightly considered, are really powerful proverbs for experiencing a more childlike and fulfilling life.
Reasons to Pass:
  1. Not as Funny or Action Packed as other Similar Movies: Paddington, for example, has a similar premise: a small, childlike bear, who seems to have enough love and kindness for everyone, helps a family to increase in love and come together. If I had to choose, I would say that Paddington does a better job of appealing to younger viewers with a bit more color, action and energy.
  2. The Film is Arguably More for Adults than Children: While I think that children could definitely enjoy the film, the focal point of the film is Christopher Robin and how he (as an adult) tries to overcome the adult stresses and concerns that keep him from being truly happy. I'm afraid much of this may go over the heads of younger viewers.
Christopher Robin is Good on Disney+ AND Good on Netflix. 
As always, I recommend checking out the Parents Guide just so that you are aware of any potentially objectionable material before deciding whether to watch it.