Movie Review: Ford v Ferrari

Plot Summary:
The amazing story of how the Ford Motor Company hired former professional American racer Carroll Shelby and weekend racer Ken Miles to create a professional race car to beat the seemingly unbeatable Ferrari. 

Why It Makes My List:
The filmmakers have created a solid adrenaline ride that will have you laughing your head off one-minute and holding on for dear life the next!

Other Reasons to Watch:
  1. Emotionally Engaging: This film runs the gamut when it comes to the emotional spectrum. While I consider myself to be a relatively easygoing and even-keeled moviegoer, I found myself afraid, upset, excited, confused and thrilled at different moments throughout the film. I consider it a credit to the filmmaking that the storytelling was able to tap into such an array of emotions so effectively.
  2. Narrative Integrity: While I don't profess to be an expert on the history associated with the film, I appreciated that it wasn't just a Ford commercial. In fact, one could be led to wonder if Ford had any commercial interest in this film (though I'm sure they did) as the company was often portrayed in a negative light. 
  3. Terrific Acting: Christian Bale and Matt Damon each turned in a solid performance and had great brotherly chemistry on-screen. The beauty of their shared screen time was that they seemed to feed off one another to point where they achieved synergistically better performances than would have been possible in isolation. 
Reasons to Pass:
  1. It's a Long One: Coming in at nearly 2.5 hours, the film is no small investment of time. While I don't feel that it was unnecessarily long, it may lose the attention of the average moviegoer, in spite of several thrilling races.
  2. Language: There is quite a bit of language in the film, and, while certainly era and industry appropriate, was noticeable and something to consider when deciding whether to watch the film. 
As of the writing of this post, Ford v Ferrari is in a theater near you. 
As always, I recommend checking out the Parents Guide just so that you are aware of any potentially objectionable material before deciding whether to watch it.