Book Review: More FIT 4 the Kingdom

More Fit 4 The Kingdom: 

by Skye Fagrell

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I am one of those who sets goals every year and, after a few weeks, I forget about or become so discouraged by them that I quit. The author helped me to understand that I need to set reasonable, "MOREFIT" goals and plans that help me to achieve my aspirations and turn my dreams into reality. With an engaging writing style, the author weaves athletic analogies into each chapter to help convey a principle related to goal-setting and self-improvement.

One highlight for me was his invitation to focus on the following areas when it comes to self-improvement efforts: 1) Intellectual/Professional, 2) Physical 3) Spiritual 4) Social. While that isn't a particularly novel idea by itself, he went on to explain that people often fail to improve in one area of their life (for example, physical health) because that is the only area on which they are focusing. He persuasively argues that as we seek to improve in all of these areas (i.e. mentally, physically, spiritually and socially), we synergistically increase our likelihood to succeed in each individual area.

One last highlight for me was his chapter on 'Running Your Own Race.' I found this particularly helpful as it is easy to beat ourselves up and fail to see progress when we compare ourselves to others. The author wisely concluded, "It doesn't really matter what pace we're running nor the stage of the race we're in - so long as we're striving to move forward." 

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  1. Read this book and change your life! Apply yourself after reading each chapter by answering the questions he asks. Use the tools that he provides in the back of his book. Keep consistent and you will find yourself growing in wisdom, stature, favor with man, and favor with God.


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