Movie Review: Abominable - Magical, Musical, Memorable

Plot Summary:
An escaped yeti named Everest encounters a young girl feeling lost in the wake of her father's death.  Together they go on a magical, once-in-a-lifetime adventure to get home and find their families again.

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Why It Makes My List:
Abominable is surprisingly emotional, genuinely magical, consistently funny and entirely wholesome. Throughout the movie, I kept thinking, "My kids would love this movie" and I would have no problem with them watching it.  If you like Kung Fu Panda but want something a little less silly with even more heart, this movie will be perfect!

Other Reasons to Watch:
  1. Violin Lovers?: If you love the violin, it is well represented and played beautifully throughout the film.  If your own little violinist needs some inspiration, seeing the teenage Yi playing might just do the trick!
  2. Bright & Colorful: Unlike other recent family movies like The Addams Family, the animation in Abominable is almost entirely bright, colorful and in many cases breathtaking to watch.  The animators did a terrific job as their work helps to enliven this fantastical version of Asia.
Reason to Pass:
  1. Villain Could Frighten Some: The villain's objective is to capture or kill the yeti, which could be scary for the youngest of viewers.  However, his security team is always shooting with tranquilizers, which is a gag unto itself.
Abominable is in a theater near you. 
As always, I recommend checking out the Parents Guide just so that you are aware of any potentially objectionable material before deciding whether to watch it.