Good On Netflix - Inside Bill's Brain: Decoding Bill Gates

Plot Summary:
Inside Bill's Brain: Decoding Bill Gates is a 3 episode Netflix original documentary about the famous founder of Microsoft and his current efforts to give back to society through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
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Why It Makes My List:
While this could be a super dry subject - introverted intellectual and entrepreneur now in his golden years - the filmmakers have done a great job interweaving the biographical with the inspirational. It is fascinating to watch Bill and his wife Melinda's innovative efforts to tackle some of the most challenging humanitarian and climate issues of our day.

Other Reasons to Watch:
  1. Refreshing: If you are tired of seeing the rich and famous apparently squander their power and influence, this film should be a treat. Seeing someone who, by rights, should be retired and and resting on his laurels, donating a massive portion of his wealth and time to serving others is refreshing
  2. Honest: I feel that Inside Bill's Brain does a great job of portraying Bill as he actually is: imperfect. It doesn't shy away from his childhood struggles, rocky relationship with his mother and those who didn't like him during his rise to power. In spite of these imperfections, which we all have, his God-given intellect and genuine efforts to serve mankind are admirable.
Reason to Pass:
  1. Language: While I have only watched the first episode so far, there doesn't appear to be anything inappropriate with the exception of one person using the "s-word" when talking about the waste they were trying to process in third world countries. While not necessary, it's at least in context. :) 
Inside Bill's Brain is Good On Netflix. 
As always, I recommend checking out the Parents Guide just so that you are aware of any potentially objectionable material before deciding whether to watch it.