Book Review: Frindle - Original, Carefree & Fun

Plot Summary:
Nick Allen is a clever little boy who learns a thing or two about words and decides to make up a new one. Little does he realize the sensational impact of one little word! 

Reasons to Read:

  1. Perfect for Young Readers: Frindle is an absolutely delightful book for young readers! We read it as a family and my daughter kept asking every night at bedtime if we could read another couple of chapters of Frindle
  2. Heartfelt: A simple, clever story that sneaks up on you with some heart. 
  3. Simple but Fun Characters: The lovable characters and a lot of laughs help make it the best kids book I've read in a long time!
    Reason to Pass:
    1. Can't Think of Any
    Frindle is available through Audible (any Amazon/Audible purchases made after clicking the link help support the blog and are much appreciated).